The electronic Diary!

This is how the PDF version of the Diary looks on a Kindle Fire. It is of course readable on any device that reads PDFs – tablets, iPads, laptops, smartphones, desktop pcs etc.
Besides being in colour, the PDF also has numerous weblinks to sites of interest (unfortunately, these aren’t active on Kindles – this is down to Amazon and there’s nothing I can do about it.)
You can download it instantly from this website, load it onto your device like any other document and have all the Diary information (and lots more!) right at your fingertips.

December 2012 Newsletter

So are you all enjoying the end of the world? What a lot of nonsense has been spouted about this day; honestly, I think that some people just enjoy scaring themselves and others with mongerings of doom and destruction. However, in a spiritual sense, the annual Winter Solstice is a day for endings and beginnings.; it’s the time when the Sun ‘dies’ and and then comes back to life. A lot of old folk customs performed at this time of year recognise this, for instance, with hearth fires put out and ceremonially relit. So, if possible, some of you could perhaps find time to meditate and ponder of all this, and what you could do to renew things in your life.
What a sorry year this will have been for some of you though, what with the bad economic situation, the incessant floods all through the last few months, and my New York subscribers will have had Hurricane Sandy. I hope that you’re now all safe, warm and dry, and with your loved ones around. That’s what’s important!

Anyway, to get back to Elfin Diary matters… the desk diaries are going so slowly that I’ve reduced the price to a rock-bottom £3.99. The same with the T-shirts – I still have a couple of dozen of those left. So few desk diaries have been sold this year that I’m wondering if I should do them again. I know that some of you find them very useful, but I have to order a minimum amount from the printer and it looks like I’ll be stuck with boxes of them mouldering in the garage next year.
And yes, I will try to do a wall calendar next year! But it all comes down to time. I’m doing this all on my own and I have other work commitments; in particular, this year I’ve been appointed the webmistress of the Astrological Association website.

In spite of my promises, I’ve not been able to complete the PDF version of the Diary yet – that’s down to ongoing health problems of mine. They’re minor, especially compared to the problems I know some of you have had this year, but they’ve stopped me from working for days at a time. However, the PDF should be ready in about a week. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed! Sorry, but it’s just not technically possible do do the Diary in any other electronic format, but all e-readers will be able to load PDFs.

Finally, I have to thank a lady out there. I’m afraid I’ve lost your letter and cannot remember your name, but you sent me a little gift for friends of mine. Well, I’ve sent it on to them and they are delighted with it. So thank you for your thoughtfullness.

Well, that’s about it. May I wish you all a very happy Christmas, Yule, Saturnalia or whatever this year. And may you have at least some of your wishes come true next year.

October Newsletter

Hallo to all Elfin Diary folk!

Well, its Autumn now, good and proper. Hope you’re all keeping warm and dry – hasn’t this rain been terrible this year? Hope you’re all keeping well, also – this year has been quite bad for a few people I know.

There are plenty of Elfin Diaries in stock! Softbacks, hardbacks and desk diaries. There are also some T-shirts, though stock is limited. And I’ve plenty of the wonderful Fern & Moss incense.
There are still a few T-shirts left; if you intend to order one, please email me first to check that I still have the size you want.

2012 Elfin Diaries
I also have some 2012 Elfin Diaries still left – softbacks, hardbacks and desk diaries. I’m selling these for £3.50 each, with free p&p.


Thank you to all the people who sent in suggestions for shops to contact – I’m doing that now. Like all of you (I hope!) I fully support small independent businesses; I promise I won’t mind if you buy my D from one of them instead of from me! And if your local independent shop doesn’t stock the D, give them my contact details.
A couple of you have suggested Waterstones. I’m afraid that’s out, for several reasons. Caroline used to sell to Waterstones but stopped dealing with them because they changed their distribution methods. Instead of supplying a few friendly branches herself with the D, as she had been, she had to instead send a load of Diaries to a central depot; there was vast amounts of paperwork involved and the minimum order demanded was quite unrealistic for a small publisher. And, according to her, getting money out of them was a big problem as well. So, no more Diaries in Waterstones.

Ads in the Diary

I’m thinking of putting paid ads in the Diary from next year. They’ll be in the back, so they won’t be obtrusive, and I will be extremely selective with them. There will be no ads for psychics, clairvoyants, selling of spells and magical services, for instance. Only ads that are in accordance with my own ethics will go in. The ads will also appear in the PDF version of the Diary (will be on sale soon!)
So, Diary fans, do you think this is a good idea or not? If a lot of you say it isn’t, I’ll drop the idea.

This year, I’m experimenting with different types of packaging to send the Diaries out in. Instead of the jiffy bags, I’ve now started using biodegradable plastic mailing bags. These are a lot less bulky, so they take up less space in my little house and in posties’ bags; they’re lighter as well (though unfortunately not so light as to need less postage, as I had hoped). Although they’re advertised as being tough, I’m still slightly doubtful about how well they’ll protect the diary in transit through the postal system. So if your D arrives damaged in one of these plastic bags, please let me know straight away.
(I still have quite a lot of jiffy bags left over, so I’ll carry on using them until they run out. So some of you will still be getting your D in a jiffy.)

And finally…, A couple of plugs:
Here at Elfin HQ, me & Hubby run a small print business – we print booklets and small books for people. We’re happy to print almost anything – poetry, biography or indeed that might be of interest to Elfin Diary readers. We proofread, typeset and can advise on electronic publishing. We don’t sell or distribute books, but if you want to get something you’ve written into print, give Brian a ring on 0845 8678983 (between 10 am and 6 pm), or use the contact form on

The other plug is for a charity that I’m supporting this year. Last February, Jennifer, the baby daughter of friends, went down with acute meningitis and was rushed to hospital in critical condition. Her parents were warned to expect the worst news any parent can get. Naturally, everybody was praying and sending out healing, from all over the world. The medical staff all worked wonders as well, and the little girl pulled through after a fight and is now perfectly well. In thanks, her parents are raising money for the hospital – the University Hospital of North Staffordshire. There’s an online page set up to receive donations, where you can read the full story of Jennifer’s brave fight for life: Or you can send a cheque or postal order, made out to ‘UHNS Charity’ , to UHNS Charity, University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Newcastle Road, Stoke on Trent ST4 6QG (If you do, enclose a note telling them that your donation is for the Paediatrics Intensive Care Unit.)

August 2012 Newsletter

Hallo to all Elfin Diary folk!

Well, the 2013 Elfin Diary is now ready. I’m much better organised this year, and the printer man has sorted out his problems (which were really dreadful, poor man), so everything’s on time this year and Diaries are now on sale!

Bad news / Good News
Don’t know about you, but whenever anyone asks me “Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?” I always tell them to give me the bad news first; that way, the good news afterwards will cheer me up! So that’s what I’m doing now.
First, the bad news – unfortunately I’m having to put up the prices of the Diaries and also the P&P. Like everybody else, my costs have risen and the huge postage rises in March haven’t helped. The sofback D is now £8.99, the hardback D is £14.99 and the Desk D will be £12.99 (the DD isn’t printed yet, but should be ready in about six weeks). P&P will be £1.75 + 75p for each extra item.
But for the good news – there will be FREE P&P on all items ordered before midnight BST on 22nd September 2012*; this will apply to orders by post as well – if the envelope arrives at Elfin HQ postmarked on or before 22nd September, the offer applies. I will also accept post-dated cheques.
*Why the 22nd Sept? That’s the date (though not the time) of the Autumn Equinox this year; it’s as good as any other date!

T-shirts this year are silver on green, size L (to fit 42-44in chest) XL (to fit 46 – 48in chest) and XXL (48 – 50 in chest). They are £7.99 each.

The lovely Fern & Moss incense is available again. The price will be the same as last year – £1.99 a packet, with a maximum of 10 packets per order; as last year, P&P will remain free even after the other free P&P offer has ended.

Downloadable version of the Diary
I’ll again be selling a PDF version of the Diary – you’ll be able to download it from the website, but not just yet, as I’ve not finished getting it ready (I’m putting in one or two new features). You can then read the Diary not just on your computer or laptop, but also on a number of e-reading devices such as the iPad and the Kindle. (Sorry, because of the D’s complex layout, PDF is the only electronic version possible.)

The Elfin Mailing list
I would like to save both trees and postal costs by sending out my Elfin news via email. So if you‘d rather receive my news that way please let me know your email address. The e-newsletter software I’ve set up requires you to opt in, so you’ll get an invitation to sign up. You can of course unsubscribe at any time. And your email address is safe with me – I will never sell my mailing list or use it for any other purpose.
If you don’t use email, don’t worry – I’ll continue sending out news by post to everyone who isn’t on the emailing list.

I’ve collected a list of shops which might sell the Elfin Diary and will be sending them a missive shortly, but I almost certainly missed a few. So if you know of any shops perhaps you could pass on their telephone number or email address to me, or ask them to contact me.

Finally, any other comments? Please let me know!


Elfin Diary shop now open!

The shop is now open, folks. The first Diaries should be here at Elfin HQ by Monday at the latest, so you can order your 2013 Elfin Diary now!
The site design still needs a lot of work, but I’m sure you won’t mind that it looks a bit manky for now.

Shop temporarily offline

I’ve had to shut up the Elfin shop for a day or two, while I sort out the new e-commerce software. It should be back by the time the first Diaries arrive. I’m also in the middle of changing the site design, so don’t be surprised to find it looking different on your next visit.
In the meantime, if you want to order a Diary use the contact form to get in touch with me about it.

The 2013 Elfin Diaries are almost ready!

The first batch of hardback and softback diaries should be here in about 10 days; the desk diary version is still being printed and should be ready before October. I’m currently working on the downloadable PDF version, which will have some special features!
Unfortunately, I have had to increase prices. The sofback will now cost £8.99 and the hardback £14.99. Prices for the Desk Diary and the PDF will be announced later. Postage costs will also be higher – £1.50 (UK) and £3.00 (overseas) + an extra 75p for each additional Diary.
However, for a period, all postage will be FREE. Yes, if I get your order for a 2013 Diary before midnight on the 22nd September – that’s the Autumn Equinox, folks! – you won’t be charged any postage! This applies whether you order by post or email.

There are still some 2012 Diaries available, if you still want one – only £4.00 each with free postage. You can order them on the shop page. You can’t yet order the 2013 Diary via the shop – I’m redesigning this site, and will shortly have the new shop pages up.

Finally, I have a mailing list started. This is strictly an opt-in list, so if you want to be kept up to date with Elfin offers and news by email, use the contact form to tell me your email address and I’ll zap you with an invite to join the list.

2013 Download News

Having completed the hardcopy 2013 Elfin Diary, I’m now preparing the downloadable PDF version. This is going to take some time, as I’ll be inserting hyperlinks into almost every day in the diary section; these links will take you to further information about the events/people/religious festivals that are marked there. So if you want to know, for instance, what on earth Pi Day is, just click on the link.
Although the PDF version will be viewable on any device, I’m also looking at producing ePub and .mobi versions; it appears that the Diary layout and fonts may not make this possible, but I’ll investigate this anyway.

Elfin 2013 is on its way….

The 2013 Elfin Diary has just been zipped off to the printers. Not sure when it will be ready for sale, but almost certainly not before September. However, I shall be selling the PDF copy for download from the website from next month, or perhaps even sooner; I have to redesign the site first and put in a new shopping cart that doesn’t have the bugs of the present one. This version can be read on computers, Kindles and Ipads, if you’re too impatient to wait for the printed version.
Should have a mockup of the new cover next week sometime – silver on dark green. Hopefully, it will be good enough to photograph for the new site.